Give in

“You will remain exactly where you are and you will not move an inch!”

His order was so clear, his voice deep and authoritative. There was no place for a doubt, but yet again… I looked him in the eyes, smiled in his face and I moved. I was sooooo presumptuous and I fucking liked it! It last only for a few seconds and whole that illusion of a control just went away. I was naked and alone in a darkness of his gaze.

My throat was very dry at a moment, as I knew exactly what was coming next. And that “next”, was my punishment.

Tied to a chair in a cellar, bare naked, shivering, I could hear water dripping from a sink and it was so fucking irritating, I wanted to bite my ears of. Everything was completely quiet except that stupid dripping. Dum, dum, dum, dum…. Damn it! If it only could stop!

I had a blindfold and I start thinking if only I could see, then my ears would not be so sensitive. I begin to move, to try to release my hands in order to remove blindfold when I heard his voice again.

“I said, don’t move!”

Motherfucker! He was here! This whole time and I didn’t have a fucking idea! I didn’t hear him at all and I thought he went out!

He laughed threatening and soft and sweet and… Well… At least I knew for sure now, how much screwed I was. Then I heard his footsteps, and I’ve just felt his breath on my neck. Who moaned? Him or me? I couldn’t say, as, at a moment he put his hand on my thigh, everything start to spin in my mind. It was pitch black, but I could see images of his face, I could feel his emotions, I could smell the scent of his perfume and all was shaped in one perfect mess. And just for a moment I knew. It wasn’t him moaning… it was me. And all he did, was holding his hand on my thigh, breathing in my neck, calmly, rhythmic.

He did it again, he hypnotized me. He fucking broke me and I haven’t even start fighting!

I wondered what would be next…


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