Deep ties


You wonder what can I see, gazing deep into your eyes? Curiosity, so restless inside of you intriguing, arousing … Hear a whisper cuddling your senses, close your eyes and feel … One simple soft strike in the middle of your being, awaking the tornado in depths of it, reaching out for the throne of whole pleasure, mixing the tastes of lust, passion and satisfaction. Cutting slowly your breath away as you can feel small movements in your cock, so small, they can skip the eye, but so intense they are sending waves of chill upon your spine, forcing you to grab armrest with your hands almost unconsciously. Still you are the master of your own body, still you are able to reach toward reason and calm it, successfully struggling with the forces that are eager to take over …

Your breathing calm, with only, but few, unwilling pauses caused by hot current of the air coming from my whispers. You feel my lips opening slowly, almost lazy, lightly touching your earlobe, sending another strike into your cock. Now movements become more intense, grip harder, images start to roll into your mind … What can you see now, I wonder? By the grimace you made, unaware of it, my glance found your arousal, hard and complete. I could swear I saw pulsation of it. I could swear I heard blood running fast through the pipe, almost boiling, making mess in your whole being, your head, playing with your brain.

Master of your own body … Illusion.

Harder grip, now frantically holding upon the only safe spot, trying to bring your body into harmony again. Body, taken by sweet chaos. Tightening the jaw as my hand slowly moved from your chin over your neck, making it’s way toward that painful spot. Sign of relief and uncertainty showed on your face by another grimace. Every movement of my hand closer to your aroused cock, locked breath inside of your lungs. It lasted for centuries and just before you could feel the touch on it, you stop breathing. What a marvelous feeling! You held your breath up, for so long; my fingers, standing in the air, my eyes locked upon your face. Anticipation was a torture, fiery agony, just so you could feel finger on swollen tip of it, sliding slowly, circulating around it.

Gasp… so intense, sent current of pleasure through my body, instantly making me wet, swollen lips start to ache, screaming for your hard cock. Not yet, not now … Finger slid over the tip, following the curve of pulsating body, every inch finger passed, your cock reacted in perfect dance … Air, you were struggling for the air. Erupting pleasure was choking you, but you enjoyed in it. There was no pain upon your face, but pure satisfaction. Only one image was there … You wanted to get rid of that agony, so bad, it was screaming from you. You wanted to feel my wetness, taste it, thrust deep into it, so simple, liberating, no thoughts, only one cause. You feel it? Calling for you, ready to surrender to your grasp. So eager, those signals drum in your mind, so loud, as your gasps turn to silent groans.

Grip on your hardness so tight, pressing blood down and up, making yet another grimace. Stroke down and once again picture reawakens: harder grasp, harder thrust, deep. Awaking wild power inside of you, no feeling, maybe even frightening thought, embarrassing, but it was there, so clear… You wanted me to pay for the torture. Your thoughts embraced only two things: pain and pleasure. By every stroke, your cum was building inside of you, your balls were so heavy and…

Another thrust, my moan, filled with agony, wanting, begging for another.

You caught a groan locking it in your lungs, perfect preparation for explosion.

Deeper thrust, piercing every fiber of my body, making me scream, grabbing hard your skin, ripping it, forcing you harder inside, as more as it can get. Uncontrolled desire, madness… Scream again mixed with your groan, as you released your load with immense power. Your muscles constricted with perfect order, prolonging orgasm… and then relaxed.

Grip fell, and you saw my smile from above and you knew I saw it all.


4 thoughts on “Deep ties

  1. This is terrific. Sensual and certainly arousing. I read this twice. The first time I found myself reading too quickly; I was in a hurry to get to your next sentence. The second time slowly to take in every word. Your write with so much passion.


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