Give in part 2

I was so anxious to see what was next he would do. Every inch of my body literally trembled. I thought it was only orgasm building so furiously inside of me, but it was much more then just a simple orgasm. I knew him, I knew exactly what he was capable of. He enjoyed torturing me. And all with that nonchalant smile on his face. I hated it!

Waiting for punishment is much frightening  then receiving one.

I was a mess. I admit it. All I wanted in that chaos was, for him to move his hand a little up and let me cum. Damn I needed it so much, just to relax my body and to prepare it for physical punishment. After all, he would never let me be so sensitive and then punish me. Would he?! Dread! Knowledge of what can actually happen, drove a dread deep into my heart, stabbing it as it was a nothing more then a rug doll.

It was exactly what he was planning to do.

I wanted to scream, to beg for forgiveness. To show how good I would be. The best! Just please don’t do it!

I screamed in panic, every word perfectly formed in my mind, but my mouth were shut. I couldn’t remember any real sound that could shape a sentence.

He stood in front of me, cupping my chin and looking deep into my eyes. His gaze was something that could kill you at instant and something that could hypnotize you to forget every worry you had. What did he see? He smiled and this time, he smiled satisfied. Without a word, he pressed a kiss upon my lips and released me from the ropes.

Oh God! Please, just please…

Please what? I wanted to say something. “Please save me”, “Please make me endure”… Please what? I asked for it, I asked for it cause I love playing with fire and I love to feel his wrath, so now, what was I asking for exactly?

He helped me stand up and by “helping” I mean he grabbed my hair and pulled me up. Standing behind me, he pressed me rough against his own body and I could feel his arousal. I could swear I heard his breath jumped as I hit it with my behind. Instantly, I just moved my hips even more toward his erection and I heard his breath jumping again.

For the love of God, I wanted it so fucking bad. I wanted him to ravish me. But… All I got was a strong grip upon my neck, so strong that my eyes start tearing that instant and I was fighting for the air. He hissed through his teeth to stay calm and damn, he was mad. Then I remembered why I was in this cellar. I moved…

I froze immediately still fighting for my air, when suddenly he let me go and moved away from me. I was confused, but first I was coughing as if I smoked 10 cigarettes at once. What now? He was still there looking at me, scanning me. I felt his gaze on my body, piercing me with it. “Don’t move!” echoed in my mind. Yes, that’s it… do it girl, you can do it. Just stay calm and don’t move. No matter what happens, just stay put.

Something tore up the space between two of us and I knew exactly what it was. I wanted to puke that instant. I felt it on my skin once and it almost ripped it away. Pain was unbearable and I cried so much it turned into screams.

He winded it up again, just to make sure if I heard it well. Nothing worst then feeling of a tip of a long whip against your skin.

I heard it so well and I start crying. I cried like everything good in the world just disappeared, but I stayed in that exact spot where I was.

I could drop down on my knees and howl for forgiveness, beg for mercy. I could, but I stood right there, calm, crying, waiting for the greatest pain in my life.

He took a stance, he made sure I knew what he was doing. He dragged his feet over the floor and then… I closed my eyes and I felt everything burning inside of me. Every, molecule of my being. But the tip was not on my skin?! I felt the punch of air as he wind it up near me. And then, a moment of realization came to me.

I sobbed so loud, I shivered, trembled.

Then I felt softness on my waist. His hand, so warm, comforting. He hugged me and he kept me for whole eternity as it seemed. No worry could come to me. He was waiting for me to calm down and then whispered gently:

“In the greatest fear, you shackled yourself to my order and you held it as it was the only thing you can trust at a moment. You, gave in. So majestic and free, you, my sweet one, GAVE IN.”


5 thoughts on “Give in part 2

  1. Oh my god! Now this is one great story. I had my heart in my hands, anticipation, I was really thinking what the hell is he gonna do. I like that. The hot mystery within this. I really really like it. And I love this piece. Very well written and damn hot. I am just curious, is it a BDSM relationship?


      1. It is good to learn about it as much as you can, if you are interested in BDSM. Only be aware that writing on BDSM is only that, a writing. It presents up more of an emotional and romantic aspect of it. So it can be deceiving.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I understand, I just wanna learn it for the sake of knowing it. I probably don’t think I can be part of it as a lifestyle


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