Lady of the night (beginning)

Wild beyond any understanding. Beautiful, tough and at same time so fragile, destroyed by her own pain was she. I could hear her screaming sometimes. It was painful to listen. It could suck out all happiness from your being, every single drop of sanity. And then, her wet face, smiling upon you, full of life and death. She was a sorrow itself. Majestic in her own existence.

I do remember the look upon her face. I saw acknowledgment of betrayal. Her disgust and dread. Oh, how wonderful creature was she. My child, lover, true statue of selfishness.

She choked, only I wasn’t sure on what. Her tears, or blood flowing into her ripped throat. I’ve could be more gentle, but I wasn’t. It would  only destroy everything she was. And she was pure suffering. I honored her by violence, cause she was that. Violent!

Oh how her heart was drumming! Every beat merged with every fiber of my body in perfect melody. Two passionate lovers. It aroused me madly, it brought me nearly to the edge of sanity. I was mad actually, I was Death in her own worst shape. I climaxed as her heart stopped and a growl, so loud, ripped away from my mouth.

Nothing nice or subtle, was in her transformation.

Right there, on the street where I would pay for her services, my beautiful Lady of the night, she was lying with her throat opened, still bleeding a bit, stinking of death and sickness, but I knew that soon, she will be mine whole…


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