Lady of the night (transformation)

Time has stopped. Every motion froze that instant, breath, wind in her hair. And then, she opened her eyes. Cold as deep ocean. Eyes of newborn, eager, yearning for what she was that moment. Yearning for death.

There was something more in her gaze. Laying down, deep within her. It drove terror into my heart. I saw young girl, beaten up with sorrow by losing everything she had, just there in one night. So easily, her life meant nothing to anyone. I saw toxic green eyes, eyes of the monster, lurking from the dark and then I saw nothing anymore. Only darkness, deep oblivion.

Tear start rolling from my cheek even before I was aware of it and it felt on hers, cuddling softly her silky skin. She just lie down, scanning me, without any sound. Now, she was my comfort after nights and nights of me being hers. I just felt soft touch of her cold fingers, entangling with mine. She straighten up, taking my face into her palm and suddenly she placed gently kiss upon my lips, so gently, I though her lips will melt on mine and whispered seductive:

“I am thirsty Katarina, show me how…”

Then she placed another kiss upon my lips and encouraged me to stand up.

Few corners away she quenched her thirst, so violently, every sip was a remarkable testimony of what she was, every sip carried destruction. What was so demonic in her, she fired up center of my body when she turned toward me, showing me to join her?! At that instant I was beside her, ripping the flesh of our unlucky victim and discovering fresh blood vessel, pumping its nectar deep into my throat. Was I drunk? Yes, completely, but not of a blood, I was drunk because I had her beside me, watching me, wanting more, wanting me.

I stood away and gestured to her to continue, but she just shook her head and smiled on me taking me in her arms.

Body hit the floor as she rapidly drove her hand between my legs, just to make an explosion inside of me. She harshly slid fingers inside of me, provoking me to hiss and moan at same time.

She continued to do so, faster and faster, and every single piece of my being was crashed, just to be whole again. It was sweet agony followed with my groans and her moans, caught up in perfect harmony.  I climaxed so fast, almost screaming and just in that moment I felt her young fangs deep in my neck. My body was hers now and as a puppet on strings, I grabbed her head, forcing her to go even deeper into my flesh and her hand forcing her to going even deeper into my wetness. Scream ripped away from my throat, full of lust, pure primal energy. I was alien on this Earth, something different, just as my beautiful lover, standing in front of me, looking at me with her dark eyes, full of mysteries and that little demon, yet not fully comprehended by my mind.



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