Lora’s demice

Night breeze carried heavy scent within , mixed with odor of alcohol and soaked blood.

Lora’s head calmly resting in my lap. She was lazy curling a lock of my hair, just being silent, when suddenly, words rolled over her tongue- “I fucked him, you know… And for the first time, I actually liked it. His cock, was huge and I thought he would rip me apart, but I enjoyed in that pain. He trust his enormous dick in me and I drank his blood at same time, I drank him dry. Poor man, he came into me, while dying.”

Then she glanced at me, as if she was measuring my reaction. She knew how I felt when she was talking how she fucked someone. Burning jealousy rose up in my chest, my eyes flared with anger, as she said and that was something that turned her on. Her sex was dripping wet, that instant, by just watching look upon my face, she liked to describe me.

She was a succubus, my demoness, torturing me in every way she could.

“I want you to fuck me as he did. Will you?” – she asked almost innocently.

“I don’t have enormous cock, Lora”- I replayed, calmly, almost cold, as if we were talking about weather.

“But you can have one.”-she answered joyfully and stood up, leaving living room.

Few seconds passed when she came, holding something in her hand that so reminded of a male sex, stitched on belts. What, in a world, was that?!

She laughed at my confusion and sat next to me giving away the name of it. Then she handled it to me to feel it. That… thing, was something very interesting and so strange at same time. I admit it, I haven’t even know how to use it. But then she was so nice to show it to me.

She undressed me, slowly, licking my lips, making me holding my breath and then she moved toward my chin and my neck, every kiss and lick, was like a sting between my legs. She went on her knees, so seductively, caressing my inner thighs, while moving her hands slowly toward my sex. It was aching, lips already swollen, wet. Her lips moved, opening nonchalantly as her fingers reached my painful lips.

There was no control on me anymore and I couldn’t act cold anymore. She had me again, conquering my body, my actions and my soul. I was her puppet once again and her, my merciless puppeteer.

She stood up, still holding her fingers on my throbbing sex and then she just slid them into it, and I swallowed her eagerly, sucking up the air. With other hand she just took –strap on- , as  she called it, and fixed it around my waist.

She continue playing with me, till I climaxed, almost losing steady ground below my feet and then again she was on her knees, grabbing the tip of artificial phallus and started swallowing it, till it had lost deep in her wanting mouth. I heard her gag on it, but she continued as nothing happened. She gagged again and tear rolled slowly over her cheek. I didn’t know what I was doing, but that tear made me burn with desire. I wanted her to cry, so hard. So, I grabbed her hair and pushed her deeper onto fake cock, just to see more tears, rolling. She cough, choking on it, so I let her take a breath, just so I can push her again. She gagged again and I cut her a free, observing her lips, moisturized by salty tears.

In a blink of an eye, I lift her up and with agility of an immortal, I led her across the room, pushing her hard against the wall, forcing her to face it.

She was my slut, and she deserved to be treated as one. She loved it and I loved her.

I pressed cock against her thigh as I caressed her swollen sex and just measuring the temperature and humidity of it. And it was so hot and wet, it made me hissed and she moaned, arching her hips more, trying to reach more of my fingers.

Tonight, it was my way to torture her and I pushed her even harder against the wall, grabbing her wrists with my right hand and holding, roughly, my left hand on her throat.

My voice was hoarse, heavy of lust as I whispered in her ears- “Tonight, you will feel pain and tonight, no mercy will be shown to you.”

Then I moved hand that, few seconds ago was on her throat, toward her wet sex again, collecting her humidity and transferring it to her anus, making it softer and more flexible for acceptance of a tick and wide fake cock she presented to me. I didn’t want to give her a pleasure of fingering her first and I just trust it in her anus. She screamed with pain and pleasure, and arched her hips again against phallus. I grabbed her again upon her throat and hissed in her ear- “Don’t you dare to move!”

She was disobedient, of course, as she loved playing with me, so I took it out just so I could pierce her once again, this time harder, deep to it’s end. She swallowed it completely, yearning for more, moaning and growling. I trust it again, and again, ravishing her. I wanted her to scream to beg me to stop. I was mad, completely lost, as I was pressing her hands on the wall and pulled her soft hair violently. Blindness of pure animalistic rage took over me, as I pounded into her roughly, only hearing her loud moans elevating to its climax. I wanted her to explode, forgetting she ever had a need to fuck any man, forgetting that huge cock that was devastating her. I wanted her to always engrave in her mind this evening and what ~devastating~ was. In that primal need, demonic thirst cut through my chest and I sank my sharp fangs into her neck, releasing small stream of hot, red liquid into my mouth listening her explode, screaming for mercy.

I continue fucking her even when she climaxed till I quenched my thirst. Only then, I took artificial cock out of her anus and listened her breathing heavy, in same rhythm as I did. I could swear I saw tears on her cheeks, but I didn’t care, for she was my progeny of ruthlessness and selfishness. She was my whore, asking for every pain she felt, my demoness. She was the essence of my existence. My beloved Lora…


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