Perfect punishment

She felt gentle, smooth touch, moving across her lips, making her to slightly open them… blind and bound to a will of her Master all she had, all that she could feel was just immense amount of warmth, desire, urge to belong to him, fully and without any restriction… She knew she made mistake before… she disappointed him. No pain could make her feel more punished then this… This soft touch… so sensual, so overwhelming. This was her punishment.. she got something she didn’t deserve, guilty by all means. Her lip stretched a little into a smile, as his finger was still on it, but again it was mistake… rough grip upon her jaw, and cold word: “ Don’t! “ Another omen of her punishment. Now she was sure, this was a teaser. He was playing with his pray. Waiting for another mistake, making her to relax and breathe calmly so he would strike. Her heart start drumming like crazy, she felt fear and joy. She knew what was next… she knew him too well and she knew his ruthless nature. That line of his, make her give herself to him, that cruel nature, that coldness in his voice when she was about to receive punishment and such love and appreciation after it. She was his Goddess and his Slave. And he… he was her Universe. Fingers start to move across her skin, again smoothly, slowly, just so she couldn’t feel them anymore. His touch disappeared and another current of fear strike her, mixing with solitude… she couldn’t stand that feeling, not to be touched by him. It lasted for eons and solitude grew like a cancer in her stomach. Then burning pain on her back, and another and another. Her happiness showed again… He never left her, he was there all the time, enjoying in the view of his pray… another one, harder… She could feel his anger in every strike he bestow upon her. She grimaced now, but in her body warm feeling of joy spread again, killing that sorrow she felt before. Yes, she knew she deserved it and she loved it, she loved to belong to him. Touch, as a napalm on her sensitive skin, but it was the same touch as she felt on her lips… grip, and squeeze, another glimpse of anger… Her being could scream but all she said was silent, obedient: “Thank you Master.” She heard him smirking, like a little gasp of air broke away from his throat as he slowly start moving his hand again over her back toward her neck and head. Pull was so hard, she could feel tears in her eyes, and then she felt violent thrust of fingers into her already wet sex… Evidence of her demise, her urge, her uncontrollable desire. Another smirk and another pull, harder thrust… He knew he could make her cum like this, so well. Moan was hard as second time he pierced her, it was almost close to scream and he just stopped abruptly. She felt his breath so close to her ear and he whispered, seductively, dangerously: “ Who told you to make a sound? ” Another thrust , deep, rough and she just bit her lip, locking moan in her throat. He paused, waiting for apology… Her voice was weak, but yet she managed to say it clear enough: “I am sorry Master.“ Weakness in her voice made him smile. It wasn’t the simple words that he wanted to hear, it was her feeling of guilt by disappointing him, her honesty, her fragile breath… that was what he wanted to see, what he cherished most of all. He took off her blindness allowing her eyes to enjoy in light again and cupped her chin moving her head toward him. He wanted to see her and she knew it. She opened her eyes slowly gazing into him. That capturing dark pools that his eyes represented, demanding, soft and merciless at same time. Her favorite picture. If she could only stop the time so she can enjoy in this moment forever… Another thrust, and another, he continue piercing her deep, hard, fast. She bit her lips again, making grimace, trying not to make mistake again. Her body screamed, her muscles constricted… another and another. She closed her eyes for a second, trying to focus not to lose control over her voice, but he noticed it and reacted fast as viper, shaking her chin, making her to open them again. She needed to lock her eyes upon his gaze. And yes, she knew this was another punishment. Fingers moved violently in and out, building her orgasm so fast, so strong. He will not deny her this and she knew it. Another strange way to show her punishment and she understood it well… Everything hers belonged to him, her body, her soul, her pleasure, all. She constricted again as he enjoyed gazing upon her look of pure lust. He knew too well she is close as he could almost feel her first wave so he pounded in her hard again, releasing flood of pleasure, feeling strong pulsations against his fingers as her core was fighting him. He saw her fight, how strong she was struggling not to disobey order she got and all he could feel was joy. His perfect slave… She grimaced again, as he noticed pleasure overwhelming her, making her to rock her hips against his fingers inside, that now stood calmly in her… He pushed her and now he enjoyed the show, perfect theater of lust, her dance she performed only for him. Waves after waves built in her, making her breath coarse, heavy just so it can be replaced with fast one. She wanted to say something, she wanted to thank him, to tell him how much she loves him, how much she wants him, but all words just reflected in her eyes as she locked them deep inside. He knew all, he didn’t need the words. He took fingers out as pulsation stopped and her body felt relaxed, sweaty… And he just leaned them upon her half opened mouth, touch the outside and inside of her lips again gently and she moved her tongue to lick her sweet liquid, token of his victory. He just leaned his lips on hers, kissing her softly, but deeply, impregnating her with his soul and all feelings he had for her… all in that one kiss.



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