Victorious defeat

There was something in him, something that always drove her little bit closer. Was she feeling a rage? Yes, she did. She was hurt, afraid, guilty and he was reason for it. He abandoned her when she needed him the most and she failed a lot in her life cause of that.

But then all that rage, would transform into pure adoration when she was looking at him. Not willingly, of course, but as little demon, ordering her to forget the only reasonable feeling she had for him and that was hate.

His eyes… His illuminating green eyes, toxic, piercing… Only one gaze is enough to steer your skin, muscles and bones away and strip naked your soul. She knew, although she was afraid, she knew she was his from the moment she saw those eyes.

He moved with cats precision, muscles firmly tensed, delicately defined, threatening as he could sprung every moment toward his pray and his pray was her. His gaze unyielding, his cheek bones  gently highlighted just to give his eyes even viscous look, jaw bone firm and delicate, his face perfectly aristocratic and lips… Lips made for kissing, lips that screamed lust.

His fingers moved slowly over her chin, her neck, her collar bone, leaving fire trail on her skin and she gasped. His lip curled back into a satisfied smile and he continued moving lower. Finger found place between her breasts and rounded their shape, moving even lower while exploring every depth of her being with his gaze. She closed her eyes, forcing consciousness to stay. Her knees were weak as if she was just a mortal teenage girl. He knew it perfectly, he saw it, he could sense everything about her, so he moved his hand across her belly toward her hip and jerked her gently toward him. He was her pillar, and he made sure she knows it. The other hand he moved across her inner thigh, making her gasp once more and her heart to start hammering in her chest, another smile on his lips and then that demanding hunger prowl out from her body as he found her aching sex. He palmed it and slowly rubbed it, placing finger on her core.

She yanked her head backwards as if that will make her breath clearly. It was illusion. Her breaths were locked inside her lungs and the only way she could release them was with gasp and moan.

He erection was pressing against her belly, strong and ready to conquer her inside.

She was ready to yield to him.

Within a blink of an eye, he took her in his arms and placed her legs around his hips, forcing her against the wall. His erection pressed hard against her wet sex and she moaned once more. She was losing control and she was searching for his lips trying to regain a bit of it and then she saw his drunk desire, his burning lust.

Demanding, and complete.

He tossed her on the bed as if she was nothing but a rugged doll and lied his long body across hers, ripping her blouse, cutting into gentle lace of her bra and finally taking what he wanted. Her nipples were rigid in his mouth and as he sucked them, she arched her back, making her breast protrude more toward his hungry tongue.

Her nails ripped his skin on his back and a low growl ripped away from his lungs. She was exactly where she wanted him now. She hurried her hand toward his pants button, just so he could grab them and move it away.

“Tonight you are mine the way I want it.”-he said with husky voiced, mixed with a growl.

He was her hunter and she his pray.

She released her a pressure of his body just so she could turn her on her abdomen and press his erection hard between her butt cheeks. She moaned loudly, biting the sheet below her. He found her neck and bit into it, making whole her world to crush into one burning thirst.

He yanked away her pants, destroying them just as he did with the blouse along with her panties. She heard him unzipping his pants and then…

Bliss. Dark. Lust. Fire. Damnation.

She saw hunger in his eyes, but she wasn’t expecting this much. He thrust deep inside of her, wetness, making her almost come that instant. She ached her hips more toward him, but he pushed her back with his hand and the shove his cock even deeper.

He placed his left hand on her neck, hoisting her face of the sheets and leaning his cheek on hers, while ravishing her, making her muscles to constrict sending waves of climax all over her. Her throbbing sex encased his, making him release his load deep inside of her with yet another growl.

She was his, completely.

They were lying down still long after their orgasm in silence, only sensing each other relaxing.

He needed her, he needed her desperately and there was no coming back now.


2 thoughts on “Victorious defeat

  1. Jesus Christ Meg! how the hell do you do this? this is soooo perfect. i loved this, the beauty and power in it and just the lust dark blended with love and passion within it and oh my god. i am in love with this story and your description. honestly, you are a gifted writer.

    Liked by 1 person

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