When love dies…

“I will do it!”- Helena abruptly added.

All participants discussing who should go inside to watch over the most powerful vampire ever existed, were staring at her, confused.

“Sweetheart, it is just dangerous. He is old and…”- Katarina took her hands into hers and gazed at her, almost motherly. “… no one is sure how he will react on humans.”

Helena’s focused her gaze in front of her, to the table, finding that wood line particularity interesting, feeling as she would just burst into tears again if she look Katarina. She couldn’t cry anymore, she was tired and numb. Luka has gone and that is that.

“It is ok, I have you guys here.”- her voice was a shadow of what she was before. Weak, and exhausted.

She just stood up and walked to the massive door placing her hand on the handle when she heard Katarina’s concern again.

“I have to do this Kat.”- she added calmly, but firmly  and she disappeared through the doors.

Her thoughts were a long distance from the place she was to. She remembered Luka’s smile and his jokes, his flirtation with everybody. She remembered his joyful blue eyes. She loved him and she never told him a word.

Something was wrong. A sofa in front of her looked somehow much smaller then she thought it should be. As if it missed some part.

“Shiiiiiiiit!”-she cursed through her teeth.

Just as she wanted to turn around and to try to find the most scariest creature of all times, she heard soft voice behind her back.

“I love the fire in your hair.”

It has some strange accent, so soft, as if silk was caressing her ears.

She turned around surprised of the fact that she didn’t see him and then, she just jumped when she saw how exactly he was looking like.

His hair was long, silver, his eyes were red and not that fake-lenses-red, but the most beautiful tones of red color as they were one organism for itself. On anyone else that would be monstrous, but with his perfect straight nose and his firm strong jaw line, rectangle face shape, it was something the most beautiful she has even seen.

And he was almost a head taller then she was, so even that was perfect.

For the love of God, she was taking his measures!

“You must be Helena?” -he asked with a soft smile.

“Y..yes I am.” -she answered still hypnotized by his godlike looks, then she cleared her throat and added with determination in her voice, or at least she hoped to sounds like that.- “And, why are you out of your resting place? It is crucial… for you… to… rest and…”

She noticed he was only few inches away from her face, striping away any remaining determination she has. Damn he erased any determination she has ever had. And she could be some stiff pain in the ass.

“Your smell is… overwhelming.”- he almost whispered moving locks of her hair with his breath.

“Ditta… Von… Teese”-she was caught again into his hypnotizing snare.

Everything screamed inside of her. She wanted him, it, or whatever he was, so bad, she barely could breathe. Her heart start drumming like mad inside of her chest, she thought it will jump out. Then…

She saw big fangs, strong, protruding from his mouth. His eyes were still locked on hers, still holding her in hypnosis.

His hand slowly traveled over her chin, moving it to aside, revealing her neck to him.

Connection broke and she knew it was so stupid for her to ever consider entering here.

She was desperate and weak. And such an idiot by thinking that something like this can have any emotion or anything that could, even slightly, remind of human.

But, hey… She asked this, right?! She asked for death.

Tears start rolling down her cheek and all she could think of, was Luka and how she was going to see him fast…

He moved away from her neck and looked at her. She could swear she saw his confusion or as if he was hurt or offended or something like that. All that was in hes eyes, but she wasn’t sure, what exactly.

“I will rest now, Helena. Thank you for checking up on me.”-he said gently and gestured her toward doors through which she came in his chamber.

…To be continued…


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