He was sitting quietly, reconsidering all she could hear and sense from that human.

He frowned annoyed by the fact that most she could see in him was dread, and she was also so hurt, her tears were like knifes plunged deep into his being. Why?

Now that feeling was something new and interesting. She was nothing but a slave and in his existence he did have a lot of them. Now, why he felt so uneasy with her tears?

Using his mind power, he summoned the Keeper.

Victor felt tingling sensation crawling up his spine and neck, knocking into his skull. He knew what that was. Pureblood was summoning him and he was demanding.

He passed through wide, tall doors, closing them behind him and bowing slightly.

“My Lord?”

“Who is the slave?”- vampire asked in lazy manner.

Victor seemed confused by use of the words, but then he remembered. Humans were slaves when his family reigned.

“The human, is a friend, my Lord.”- Victor made sure, he accented human and friend.

Pureblood glanced at Victor, rather surprised.

“Friend? Vampires are friends with mortals?”

“My Lord, slavery is not something we want anymore. It is not considered civilized, so to speak.”

“I see…”-vampire returned to his wistful state. “I am guessing, I am just too old.” he added soft smile and then shifted between serious and wistful again. “Who is Luka?”

Victor’s stomach reacted with knot as he spelled out that name. His wound was just too fresh. Who he was? A fool, loyal to the bone fool. Arrogant asshole who thought Victor was the one betraying everything they worked for? Then, why wouldn’t he? Victor kept his mouth shut about plan, about everything, ashamed by the betrayal of his own Maker. He kept all from his best friend and his brother. And because he did that, he is dead.

He looked at pureblood and wanted to answer, but the vampire just nodded. He already had whole answer.

“I want to meet… human friend again”-he made sure he said it right this time and he made mental note that humans are not equal to slaves.

Victor opened the door and gestured to Helena to come to him. He whispered something into her ear and shut the door behind her.

She was just standing there, eyes locked at carpet. Working was very impressive, she had to notice. When shadow passed on that particular design, she looked up and she almost jumped. He was so near her again doing that thing with his eyes, hypnotizing her. She shook her head and walked beside him, standing behind him as far as she could. She didn’t want him to to that mind trick on her again.

“Do I scare you, human?”-he said softly, but she could sense demand in his voice. He asked and he demanded answer.

Oh well, now… if she was just scared of him. That was the understatement. She had chills and she was intimidated by his appearance and she felt a million other emotions all mixed in one huge stew. She thought she will just fall apart, and she was mad. Oh yes, she was so fucking mad, she thought she could scream and scream for hours. And the object of her anger stood in front of her asking her if she was scared.

She looked at him and then at floor again and shut her mouth tight.

“I asked you something, human?” Again that soft, demanding manner.

What the fuck he thinks he is?!

She looked at him, eyes full of anger. “Look, hotshot, I am glad that you are some kind of a vampire king or whatever, but I find rather insulting if you address me as human, as if I am some fragile glass thing that will break every moment into million pieces and shatter all over the floor. My name is Helena, so, if you, with all that wisdom of yours cannot remember one name, then start asking yourself a questions!” She finished spitting poison all over him and then she swallowed loudly.

What the fuck was she thinking?!

His eyes were burning, they radiated with rage. He just stood there stiffed, hands pressed tight on his thighs in fists. She thought he will became some supernova and blow up Earth itself. She stepped over the line big time and now she will be happy if she gets from that room alive.

At instant he rushed toward her, grabbing her neck and pinching her against the wall, breathing heavy. “How. Dare. You?” His voice was so low, she barely heard him, but she felt him and she felt him so well, every word drove deep into her mind, as she was fighting to breathe.

She grabbed his hand, trying to force him to loosen a grip a little and the moment she leaned her fingers on his hand, he retracted his hand as she burnt him. She felt down, her throat burning.

He crouched near her, taking her chin and pull it up. His look was so soft again, no trace of that demonic rage. She just stared at him.

“You are very brave…Helena.”- he smiled.

“You are not going to kill me?”-she asked as if she wanted the explanation of his sudden change.

“You would rather prefer if I did?”- he raised his brow.

That movement made her skip the heartbeat or two. He stuttered, not even she was sure what she said.

He smiled again and took her around her arm, pulling her up, so close to his body. Too close. She shivered feeling his shape against her own. She was pulling a invisible line across his body with her mind and he smiled again as if he knew what she was doing. Did he? Smile, now little wider. Oh fuck! He read her mind.

“I don’t read minds, Helena. That is not possible. I can sense some intense feelings.”- his voice became low and very hoarse. “And at this moment, you are like a book to me.” he leaned his face so close to hers, she could feel the warmth of his lips.

She closed her eyes, trying to take a breath and to gain control over herself. Control she lost a long ago. She opened her lids again and all she could find in his gaze, was lust and hunger. He was hungry for her and his eyes, were mirror for her own cravings…


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