On for the kill

She was told by The Madam that he is one very fine gentleman and regular customer. She also added that he was very rich, which meant that he, not only needs to be satisfied by offer, but also being kept as a most precious pearl.

Cindy was beautifully looking girl. One of the best wears in Madam’s store. She had that long auburn hair, dark hazelnut eyes that sometimes shined red. Delicate face lines, nice breasts, soft bright skin. She was really extraordinary looking girl. And she was foreign. That last fact was telling that she was illegally in the country, went away from her parents, trying to look for some decent job that would make her rich and as every other girl with similar yearnings she ended as sex worker. At least she was on top very fast, cause of her looks. Her real name was little strange, but it didn’t matter, every girl had new identity the moment they came to serve Madam’s costumers.

Cindy step out the car, looking at card with address, then she looked at house, matching the address and whistled. Madam was right. He was rich. Loaded.

With her opened jaw she walked across yard toward door and rang. She wanted to make herself look as seductive as she could. Tight black dress coming to her knees, perfectly featuring her beautiful built. She wasn’t some cheap hooker from the street, she had style and she got used to enjoy in the company of rich men. Finally her looks paid off, no matter if it was foreign country.

She heard muffled voice from inside telling her that she can come in and she did. She almost fell down seeing interior of the house. It was fucking castle, not house. High ceilings, huge chandelier in the middle of the hall. All in stylish design, she didn’t know nothing about, but everything looked so good and perfectly matched. Of course all was perfectly matched. If you have such money you match parts of furniture to express some particular style. This one smelled as baroque and she liked it.

“Greetings Cindy.”

She heard the most beautiful voice coming from the gallery and when she looked up, she saw the owner of that voice. He wasn’t real. Tall, so handsome, brown hair falling on his shoulders, bright eyes. She wasn’t sure what color they were as he was standing far away.

He greened obviously highly amused by stupid look on her face. She cleared her throat as fast as she could and fought to sound as normal as possible.

“Good evening Sir?” She wanted to know his name.

“Nicolas, my name is Nicolas.” he answered as he was coming down.

Of course it was Nicolas. She thought. Somehow Bill or Jack didn’t go with all the class.

Now he was very close to her, smiling. His whole face was smiling. Those sensual lips, his eyes, that were green. Beautifully green eyes.

Omg, he was stunning! Unreal!

He jerked out his hand and took hers, bowing upon her knuckles, pressing his lips gently on them. And a gentleman. But Madam already said that.

“Please.” He gestured toward some door.

It was more as living room. Huge sofa, the one you see in those old paintings where some chubby half naked lady lying down in lusty way eating grapes or whatever.

She thought she will had sex there. She wanted to have sex there.

He stood up behind her, holding her shoulders softly and whispering seductively in her ear to go and sit down on that huge sofa.

She obeyed without hesitation. He sat near her and once again he took her hand into his, looking her bellow his perfect eyebrows, smiling. “You are beautiful Cindy, only that name doesn’t suits you.”

Her heartbeat skipped a little, but she kept calmness in her voice.

“You may call me however you find suiting, Sir.”

He smiled little wider, showing that he liked the way she played her role, moving his face near hers, she thought he would kiss her and he answered very, very silently, caressing her skin with his breath. “What about Kalina?”

Shock traveled through her as a lighting struck her.

She jumped from the sofa staring confused at him. Then a mad current of memory came into her mind and she shook her head not trusting her eyes.

It was the same smiling face she saw 5 years ago. Only then, she was his prisoner, toy. She wanted to forget everything from those 2 months of torture. He was monster. He fucked her all the ways he wanted, he tortured her. Everything was in gloomy darkness and she couldn’t remember the face well, but she should be alarmed by that soft voice and  those eyes. Yes, she should.

She start running away from him as panic start awaking inside of her, but the moment she grabbed door handle, she felt hard grip on her hair and she felt down. He was holding her, looking at her with cold gaze. There was no former softness or warmness. He was Death itself.

“I like them fighting, but I hate when they run, Kalina!” He jerked her hair harder and he moaned with pain, tears falling down. It was her end, she knew it.

The way she moaned and teared he felt huge arousal. His cock awoke and start pressing against his pantaloons. He tossed her across the room as if she was nothing more then a feather. She slid over the floor knocking on the sofa, she was sitting in, few minutes before. He came inhumanly fast at her and he grabber her on the hair once again, lifting her up. She cried, loosing her sight from the pain she felt.

He turned her around bending her over the sofa, pressing her ass hard against his aroused cock. hissing- ” You remember this treat don’t you, little human bitch? You enjoyed so much in this inside of your slutty ass and pussy, didn’t you?”

She cried, not able to move an inch from his inhuman grip.

Hi took her throat in his hand and with one fast movement hi slid it open. She start choking in the blood and collapsed on the sofa, spilling warm liquid all over purple upholstery of the sofa.

He didn’t noticed he wasn’t alone in the room and he turned abruptly, prepared to attack when he heard her voice. ” Why do you have to make a mess all the time, Nicolas?”

She scanned him and she saw his erection. Measuring him she lifted her eyebrow and she imagined him deep inside of her, ravishing her. He moved fast toward him, grabbing his cock in one solid grip and when he moaned, she felt wet pool between her legs. She wanted him so fucking much. She wanted his cock deep and hard inside of her and she wanted him over that dead bloody body of the human whore.

He gabbed her, turned her ripping her clothes, taking her, shoving his aching erection deep inside of her. She moaned and teared, he was so violent, and rough, exact way she wanted him. Smile of satisfaction came upon her face as he started fucking her as hard as he could.

He filled her with his load fast and he felt her sex spasms. He was breathing heavy, feeling his muscles relaxing slowly.

“You should keep her alive so we can drink from her, before you spilled all that blood around.” She said looking at the body under her, with smile in her voice.

“We have enough to drink from Alex. Now clean that up!” He ordered, dressing up and disappearing from her sight.


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