Forbidden yearning

He cradled her with his body, holding her tight against him. She felt his warmth rising upon her skin so profoundly. She felt his scent, strong, a smell of autumn, of a rain.

She was was trying to breath calmly, but she felt aching sensation between her thighs and as it pulsate unwillingly, her breath was cut of. She sensed him smiling. He knew, he knew perfectly what she was feeling.

He moved his hand over her back, slowly, across her hips and her thigh, not giving her the satisfaction of a glance. He was still punishing her, but this time, gently.

She felt the skin on her bottom still burning from the slashes he gave to her. She was bad and he was furious cause of the constant mistake she was doing. Laughing in his face, she was always laughing in his face when she needed to simply be serious.

He wasn’t funny at all when he was serious, with that dark look in his eyes, calmness as f he was serial killer. No, he wasn’t funny, he was scary and he did scared her then. How easily those loving eyes could turn into ruthless ones…

She felt his hand on her butt, caressing her slowly. He was feeling the skin bellow his fingers, shapes of the lash. And there were markings on her. Pulsating as each mark was alive for itself.

Her breath locked into her lungs as he touched her butt and he did understand exactly as it was.

“You want me, don’t you? Deep inside you, filling you completely till you scream?”

By saying that, he grabbed her ass tight, squeezing it and she moaned. She had no permission to move an inch, but he said nothing about moaning.

She sensed smile in his voice as he was holding her.

“What if I take you from behind? And by behind I don’t mean your pussy. What do you think?”

It was a trick. It wasn’t matter what she was thinking. She was his toy to be played with the way he wanted. She swallowed trying to give the best answer, but he just cut her.

“I will help you with that answer you are struggling to give me. I. Don’t. Care. What do you want and I want you right away on your four.”

She swallowed once again, but she obeyed. She was better to do so, cause when he demanded, she knew there was no way from her to get cool from this one. She could only get more beating and him thrusting deep inside of her, making her wanna scream, but holding her lips shut, with her head on the floor. She was his pain slut and more then that she was his attention slut. She knew it. Sometimes she would deliberately piss him off, just so he could make her pay for it.

She was on her four, waiting for him to slid inside of her. Preparing her anus for pain and pleasure after it. He leaned his hips against hers and she felt his throbbing erection wanting to go inside. She gripped her hips and yanked her toward him and she moaned again. She was so wet and she wanted him inside, her ass, pussy, whatever he chooses, just to have him. He repeated movement and she moaned louder. She felt light-headed and her heart start pounding hard inside of her chest, making breathing very demanding action. He did it again and he just murmured “Please

He laughed now, and she heard that merciless tone of his voice.

“You really think you deserved me fucking you? My cock inside of you?”

She felt… She felt her ego was slammed against the floor and stepped on it.

She didn’t. She crossed her line, laughing at his face and she didn’t deserved him caressing her either after he punished her. She didn’t deserved him fucking her the way she loved, no, she didn’t. But yet she wanted to turn over and slap him and make him fuck her hard. Of course, he knew that and even before she could answer, he grabbed her hair and pulled her hard, hitting with her back against his chests and whispered threatening¬†in her ear- “You don’t deserve a second of my attention, not because you laughed in my face, but because of what is on your mind right now. I know you, but you constantly try to forget that. YOU are my property and you better start acting like that or we are going to have a huge problem. Am I clear?”

All she could do, was to nod, but he yanked her harder and hissed through his teeth- “I asked you something!”

“Yes, Sir, you are clear.”

“Wonderful… Now you are going to lay down and sleep. You know you need to wake up early in a morning.” His voice was sweet again, gentle, soft. But he was giving her an ultimate punishment, sending her aching to bed. She had to control her yearning and she was so bad at it, and he knew and he wanted to torture her by using the best tool for that: Knowing her deeply.


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