“Entschuldigung!” She made apology roll over her lips, by kicking hard against huge human body that materialized in front of her. She was pissed cause she almost said hello to the floor with her ass and that, he had to catch her around her waist to prevent that shame and she was pissed he was even on her way! She shot him angry glare just so she could meet two amused gray eyes, staring at her. His lip was curled into satisfied smile, also amused.

“Kein Problem.” He just answered, but he kept his hand around his waist little longer.

She cleared her throat and set herself free, shooting another nasty stare at him and marched away into the crowd.

Damn she was pissed! The ordering was late, her servants, as she like to call all them, fucked up with one of the orders, they payed much more then they should and they barely made in time to refund loss and fucking, they should put lights on the back of the club, not on the fucking front! She thought steam was going from her ears. She will whip them all together later, so fucking good, till her own hands start to hurt.

The picture of them weeping below her strikes the smell of their blood as she was ripping their skin with it. All made her anxious to get to the bottom of the  job, but, she had to climb stupid throne and couple of hours of declining low lives to be her slaves and subs. She took a deep breath before climbing to the throne and then, suffering has begun. Sweaty bodies didn’t even noticed her, before she climbed the throne, but when she did, she already saw couple of leeches turning toward her, wanting to come and beg. Her most loyal servants stood beside her, each on the side. They loved her, worshiped her and she loved them. They were good servants, trustworthy, smart and they knew how to behave in the presence of the Mistress and damn they knew how to satisfy her sexual needs. Sometimes she would fuck only one of them, but she loved them both with her. Sometimes one would fuck her, while she pegged other, or she would just enjoy watching they fuck each other first, before they mount her. The three of them were some crazy, deviant trio and they were the only who were permitted to shove their cocks inside of her.

“Herrin…” With that one everything started. He  talked how she is great, how he doesn’t deserve her and so on and so on. Down to the point, he was boring so she just waved to her lovers and they made him go.

This is going to be long night of refusal, she thought. Mostly, she never took anyone. She didn’t have too. She had girls who did that for her and guys who enjoyed to work out some nice lady, willing to show nice money. She owned this club and she was just the attraction, nothing else. A doll.

She took a break of 5 minutes after almost two hours of waving her hand, dismissing leeches and when she returned to her stage, she had something to see. In front of her, was that guy she crashed into, with that annoying amused smile on his lips.

“Mistress…” he addressed her on English “My apology, but I am afraid that I don’t speak German very well.” He bowed slightly in that I-am-at-your-service-style and then looked at her, again smiling. Damn he was annoying, but she had to play along.

“I thought, I have already apologized to you in the hall?”

“Yes, of course, you did.” That irritating smile in his eyes started really to piss her off.

“So? What do you want?”

He looked at floor as if he was thinking of what really did he want, then he glanced at her again.

“A drink.”

“Excuse me?”

“I want a drink.”

She glanced at her servants, then at him and she couldn’t help her self, but not to laugh.

“Well, this is a club, so you suppose to have a drink. Now go help yourself.”

He start approaching her and her loyal servants stood in front of him, shielding her. She tapped them on the solders and they split, revealing his face again to her. But they were tensed, ready to kick in again if they needed to.

He smiled, now little wider.

“What I meant, was, I want a drink with you.”

She scanned him and just answered, coldly “Nein.”

She already start pivoting with her eyes toward full club when she heard him from below.

“What was in your glance, there in the hall, was real you. This one isn’t.”

She shot him stare, and this time she was almost overwhelmed with rage. Not only that he was trying to toy with her, but he was also disrespecting her, right now. She stood up and  she imaged him under her feet, fighting for his breath, but she had to control herself, and she knew perfectly what her silent rage did to the people she disliked. He was just some huge balled human being, with a little of a brain in his head, full of himself, probably some frustrated wannabe Dominant or Master who thought that he could become one if he insults people around him.

She stepped toward him and cupped his chin, lowering her face toward his so close he could almost feel fluttering of her eyelashes on his cheeks and she talked silent, but loud enough so he could hear her through the pounding of the slow bass.

“I am not something you should take for granted, sweetheart. Now, if you want me to leave you with your dignity, you will nod and stroll away from here. Am I clear?”

A shadow passed over his glance, but he nodded, smiled and walked away.

She was so fucking tired and she needed to retired. She said her servants that the throne will be empty and she went to the bar taking a bottle of whiskey from the bartender and went to the back of the club and her home sweet home.

She turned lights on and froze.

A guy who she hit in the hall, who pissed her off in the club, was sitting in her chair looking at some photo.

“What the fuck-”

‘He tossed the photo on the desk, flipped face down and walked slowly toward her.

She noticed then, with what grace he was walking and how tall he was and how… damn he really looked dangerous the way he walked toward to her.

He smiled. Again, that amused, annoying smile and that provoking look.

“Oh, well, I am guessing you changed your mind about a drink?” He nodded toward the bottle of whiskey in her hand.

“How the fuck have you got in here?” She was still completely shocked.

He just shrugged.

“Maybe your gorillas aren’t that good and they seems.”

Gorillas??? No one calls her lovers gorillas!

“Take your pathetic ass away from my room.” She was boiling.

At a matter of second, she felt her air tube was pressed, her throat burning and she was kicked against the wall, struggling for the air. His hands around her neck and his face so terrifying. There was no smile in his eyes, nor on his lips. He was brute force of malice.

“Maybe you think I am one of those puny humans crawling to you begging you to pay a little bit of your majestic attention to them, but as you can see, you are so wrong, ‘sweetheart’. ”

He held her so strong, she could swear her body was lit of the floor and she could swear that he didn’t feel her weight at all. Whole world became dizzy to her and start to darken.

He came closer to her in a manner she did to him before.

“Now, if you want me to leave you with your life, you will nod. Am I clear?”

She nodded.


A joy came again to his voice and smile on his face. He let her down and took a bottle of her hands, waiting patiently for her to catch her breath. She coughed bending over her waist, trying to force the air come into her lungs.

She heard him open the bottle and pouring the liquid in glass.

When she caught enough air to breathe properly, she straighten herself and shoot him another wrathful glance.

He smiled wider, lifting his eyebrow and nodded at the empty chair for her to sit, stretching out the hand with one glass.

“All I wanted was to have a drink.”

She sat down and grabbed glass, still giving him hateful glance.

“Your accent is strange. You are not from Germany. Where are you from?”

Silence and stare.

“Are you somewhere from Russia, I would say so, cause your accent reminds me of Slavic one?”

More silence.

After a short pause, he snorted and shoot another question.

“Does your family knows what you are doing here?”

No, she thought and good they didn’t, but she reminded silent.

“Does he know?” He nodded toward photo on the table.

He… He took that photo of her with her ex. No, he doesn’t know. He doesn’t care.

“Who the fuck are you and what the fuck do you want?”

“Well again you with your tone. And all I want is to have a nice conversation and a drink with you.”

“Great you had your drink and you had a conversation, now, get the fuck out of here!” She snapped. She didn’t care who he was or what he wanted, or if he was some king of a hit man. He was going on her nerves and she wanted him out. NOW!

He lifted his eyebrow meeting her eyes with another gaze of malice, he had when he was holding her by her neck.

“I am afraid I wasn’t so clear before?” He nodded toward wall where he was holding her.

She swallowed and he liked the reaction, cause he smiled again and started with questioning.

“Why you’ve chosen to be a prostitute?”

“Excuse me?” She tilted her head, offended by his question.

Well… But she was a prostitute, right? Yes, the club was hers and she didn’t have sex with people she worked, but that was a prostitution. And she was a prostitute pimp. Damn it!

“Why you’ve chosen to be a whore?”He repeated question using a word she really hated. She wasn’t a fucking whore!

“I don’t know what do you want or who are you, but you will mind your tongue. I am not a prostitute and I do this, cause I enjoy in this.”

“You do?” He lifted both of his eyebrows as if he was surprised by her answer. “So, if I want to fuck you, I don’t even have to pay you, cause you are enjoying in being a prostitute?”

That was it. A last drop in her already full glass. Enough of control.

“Get the fuck away from my sight!”

He stood up, eyes full of anger. And he started coming toward her, praying on her.

“It is funny how strong you are on the words and how weak you are on the deeds.”

She noticed then that she started walking back, away from him. She froze immediately as if trying to sway him that she is strong enough to confront him, even though he was much bigger then her, and stronger, and deadly. Fuck it, he was going to kill her, probably and this was her end, but then again, she has nothing to lose, right?!

Again in a matter of seconds he was over her vertically, pressing her against the wall and talking into her ear, while taking her breast roughly in his palm, squeezing it.

“So, I just have to fuck you and I don’t have to pay to you, or should I?”

She gasped as he squeezed her other breast.

“Anyway, I wouldn’t like to leave you without money, so, how much it is to fuck you?”

He moved his hand over her abdomen and pressed her harder on the wall.

“How much it is to shove my cock deep inside of you?”

Now, his hand was on her sex, fingers moving her panties, searching for a core.

She gasped again as he shoved his fingers deep inside of her. He put two right away and it hurt.

“How much does it cost for you to forget him?”

He start fingering her and she became wet. She didn’t want it, but she did.

He ignored how her sex responded to the violation.

“How much does it cost for you to erase every smile you had with him and to destroy yourself?”

His face came into her mind vividly as if he was in front of her. His smile, his look, his touch… Everything.

She felt tears on her cheek and she heard herself cry.

He let her go and her knees betrayed her and she felt on the floor, moving them close to her chest and she start weeping. This was what she was really. This was how she felt really. And yes, she was a fucking whore and she wanted to destroy herself and she hated herself and that hatred was killing her.

He crouched near her and cupped her chin, talking softly.

“Do not kill yourself with your fear. This in not who you are. You are not a prostitute. You don’t have a price. You are much above all of this. Go and leave this darkness behind yourself.”

He was holding her few moments more and the he stud up. She heard doors open and close and she wept more, cleansing herself from the poison she felt for so long, from the darkness that was inside of her. She felt hatred slither out of her and she was so tired. She lay down on the floor where she was sitting and she closed her eyes, falling into deep dream instantly.


3 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. Wow… I am speechless. I enjoyed reading this especially how the guy seemed to be able to touch on her vulnerable side. The fact that he was alpha-like and that it was like he was seeing through her. I was expecting some hot sex though lol 😂 but nonetheless, I love this. Does it have a continuation?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, of course, it will lead to the continuation. This is only an intro. 🙂
      I love writing stories with many segments, so yeah. Thrust me there will be sex. 🙂 And, once again, thank you so much. :*

      Liked by 1 person

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