It was knocking on the door that woke her up. She thought she was sleeping for days. She thought her head would explode and her neck hurt so much. She felt as if she was really drunk. Another knocking and same beating in her head. Why she was down there on the floor?

As instant picture of a man standing against her, holding her upon her neck, danger glowing from his eyes, death itself, then soft voice, the one the one that can cradle you into beautiful oblivion. But she cried… Yes, she cried so much and that was what made her fall asleep on the floor. She cryed cause of things he told her. And not only that he told her, it wasn’t big deal what he told her, but how he did it. Demanding, but yet loving. Why?

“Herrin?” it was Michael and his voice was full of worry. Her beloved servant. Beautiful man, sensual, strong and so loving.

She stood up from the floor and opened door just to meet Michael’s dread on the face.

“Herrin, was-”

“It is ok, my darling, I am fine.” She probably looked as she was really drunk, terrible, with that make up all over her face and red eyes and all those shit. Damn.

“I am really fine, Michael”

Not even her strong reassurance made him feel little more relaxed and that start to annoy her.

She crocked her eyebrow to him and he instantly let his head fall down.

“As you say Mistress.”

“I need to go to take a shower. Stay here and wait for me, I ned to talk to you.”

“Yes Mistress.”

She went to the luxurious bathroom and stared at herself at the mirror. Fuck, she really looked terrible, with all that heavy make up on her face and she really had red eyes and… she had a slight bruising on her neck. Oh shit. Well you really need strength to lift someone from the floor and hold him like that and she was tall.She moved her fingers over her neck and closed her eyes remembering how he looked like. Pure anger, but controlled anger, calculated, malevolence and, something that made her shiver. He was so fucking hot like that. As an evil sex god. Perfect Dom. Well, that would make her rich, if nothing. She didn’t think about feeling she had in her stomach. No fucking way!

She carefully washed every part of her body. She felt dirty, really dirty cause of thoughts she had in her head. For fuck sake, she was sexually deviant and she felt dirty cause she thought that guy who could end her within a blink of an eye is sexy? No, she felt dirty, cause of the way that guy knew her. But how? How he knew her so well? And the most important, who the fuck was he?

She needed to check surveillance and she him entering her room, she needed to find out who he was.

She took long shower, almost a half an hour and she just dried herself and entered room naked. She loved to walk naked, she felt really comfortable with it. She wasn’t one of those beautifully carved women, but she had something most men got crazy with. She had that energy inside of her. She wore perfectly her body. Her waist wasn’t as thin and she wasn’t flat, there was some fat on her abdomen, not much, but there was some, she had athletic built although she didn’t work out. It was from the days in her youth. She never lost it. She had long and strong legs and wide hips, finishing with nice ass, fine breasts, nor small, nor big and cause of the type of sport she was into as young, she had wide torso. Everything packed perfectly with her. She looked physically strong and that was one of the good things if you want to be a Mistress and not only her look, but also what she had inside of her. She was aware of her flaws and she wore then with dignity.

Michael was there, waiting patiently, his head still down. He knew better, but not to look at her before she allow him to. Also, he knew perfectly how she looked like naked and she knew perfectly how she liked to be in front of him of Marcus. He felt her scent and that was enough for him o get aroused. His cock struggling in his pants as he locked his look on the floor.

“I need that”

He knew what “that” was. She wanted him inside of her. And by the tone she used, she wanted him hard and he was more than happy to oblige.

“Look at me Michael!”

And he did. He thought his cock will explode in his pants as he saw her. He knew every her perfectly, but yet, every time she made him wanna explode that instant. This is not going to last long, he was afraid and he knew that she wanted him to last long and he knew punishment if it doesn’t. He shivered by the mare remembrance of it and he was in a bliss. His Mistress could be such a sadist, but his cock would always listen to her, no matter what and not only his cock, his whole being.

She sat and the desk and separating her legs, so he could see her. She did it so wickedly and only she wanted now was his huge dick inside of her, whole at instant. She adored pain when he shoved it abruptly and then start ravishing her. She really did. And that was enough to make her wet. And that was enough for his cock to jerk inside of his pants as if it read her mind. She knew this wasn’t going to last long for him and she didn’t care, not now. She needed fast release, only he can give to her by rough sex.

“You know what to do?”

He nodded.

“Say it Michael!”

“Yes, Mistress, I know what to do.” His voice was hoarse and that was what she wanted to hear. Damn he had so hot voice.

He walked toward her, fixating her and when he was an inch away, he took her hand and whirled her around, pressing her ass against his cock. He bent her over the desk and unzipped his pants letting his painful erection to spring from it. He put fingers inside of her, measuring warmth and wetness of her core and when she moaned he knew she was ready for him. His did exactly what she wanted. He shoved his huge cock inside, whole and she almost screamed and that was good. His Mistress enjoyed it and she was satisfied by his doing. He start pounding inside of her violently as that was her calling. And she moaned hard. He knew she was both in pain and bliss and he wanted to stay like that. He adored he wildness. She was like animal sometimes, no control, and she was strong enough to withstand his strength. He was ravishing her, madly gasping by every thrust, she moaning and pressing hard against him. She wanted him as deep as he could go. That wasn’t sex, that was aggression firsthand. He wanted to grab her by her neck and make her struggle for air while she was coming, but he knew she would slap him cause of that. She always did and he always liked it, but tonight, she needed his libido high and primal and he was sure not to let her dominate her, at least not yet.

She felt his hand on her neck, squeezing her and instantly it brought the picture of a man who was in her room, pressing her against the was with promising killer look. She screamed hoarsely as she felt waves of orgasm overwhelming her. Michael continue to fuck her with same strength he did, still rigid, still at a brick of explosion and as her sex start constricting around his cock, capturing it inside of her, squeezing it as he was squizing her neck, he explode inside of her with a low growl, leaning against her back and letting his cock throbbing inside of her while releasing it’s load.

They both breath heavily and he released her neck putting his hands on the desk comforting his body on it.

“You know what to do Michael.” It wasn’t a question and no matter how hard she was breathing and how her voice was hoarse, there was undeniable tone in it and he found himself on his knees, pressing his lips on her core, sucking everything, cleaning her from every liquid that was inside, worshiping her completely. She was his Goddess his Universe and she deserved nothing less…



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