Craving… Yearning… Brought to maximum, overwhelming her being. Like a hungry animal she was breathing heavy, hoping she will get another bite of that sweet torment.

Her mind was a mess, fast-running mess. She tried to catch only one steady thought, but she failed multiple times. She was not her own. She was completely at his disposal. Animal in His cage.

“Who are you?” His voice was so soft, low, threatening, powerful.

Who she was? What she was? Another try to catch and hold something rational and failure… again and again.

He repeated, now, a little sharper.

She had to hurry to find proper answer. Time was ticking and she hated dead lines…

“Who are you?”

His voice still silent, but now so threatening. He was annoyed by her lack of speed, irritated. And fear rose in her mind, spreading roots, preventing anything meaningful to approach into consciousness.

She looked into his eyes and she saw fury, silent rage. She was stalling once again… something he hated so much.

Some words came out of her mouth, she begin to stutter. She couldn’t understand them, she wasn’t sure if she was talking at all, but she heard her voice and she felt her vocal cords working. Then she stopped.

What has she said?

He closed his eyes, all of sudden so tired, exhausted. His hand on her cheek, soft, gentle, but strong. He moved his thumb over her chin and her lips and then he opened his eyes.

She was shocked by the warmth in them. She expected more rage, but there was warmth in his eyes, kindness.

“You are Mine!” His voice so gentle, but so demanding. This wasn’t suggestion, but the state of fact. He owned her.

She felt as he slammed her on the wall and then took her into hug.

Mine… echoed through her mind.

Mine, Mine, Mine…

She heard her voice again, she was repeating it out loud.

She glanced at him and saw approval in his gaze.

She was His. Completely. Her body, her mind, her heart, all of that only His.

He told her everything with that one word. He tied her to Himself, releasing her at same time. She was free, unchained in His arms, in His mind, in His gaze. She was herself by being His.


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