When fantasy becomes reality

She hated that feeling inside of her. As if, something bad going to happen… As some silent stalker was upon her. As if some steel claws were biting deep into her skin.

She had those moments before and she would always smile silently thinking of how rich imagination she had, but tonight was different. It was so real, she almost had an urge to start running from her unknown prosecutor.

Even now she wanted to rationalize everything. It was dark rainy night, not much people on the street, it was cold gloomy, so it wasn’t surprise that she felt as she has been watched, but then again, she could feel eyes on her, she could feel breath on her neck as that something was right behind her.

She looked behind and all she could see was gloomy night there, not so much street lights,  dark calmness… nothing.

She decided to look in front of her again and to start walking faster just in case. Her apartment wasn’t so far away, just another block and she would be on safe turf.

Cracking was what made her stop paralyzed, it was on her left in the park. She locked scream in her throat and start running. Another one, following her. She gave her self into flee, running as it was the only thing that motivated her heart and her lungs. Cracking became louder as if she was pulling it closer by running away. Panic built in her guts now and she almost missed the building door and entrance to safety. She bumped into massive building gate opening them with shaky hands, slamming them behind, finding the welcoming warmth of the known space. She turned once again, staring into darkness and all she could see was one big nothing… same dark night, same rain, same calm. She was sure, she was losing it. There was one huge nothing…



To be continued…