Dying Goddess

I have seen those who must not be seen

I have craved for those who not must be craved for

I brought down fire of the world

and I crash it with cold hands

I’ve been trapped in dark asylum

covered with black marble

and I wore fabric of world on my own chests

Looking for eternity in cold, dead faces of LOST ONES

glared in those lifeless eyes

punishing the Gods themselves

killing the existence of lightly souls

I mourn now for those eons that past

I cry for those acts I done

And the darkness is feeling my heart

I set on the throne which is my own prison

caged by pillars of my own doings

“Can you still feel?”

Those vulgar words came out from arrogant creature

“How dare you, mare mortal?”

Ah, but I could feel that sweet death

which is lurking his own soul

I never was created, but I am

cursed to not feel embrace of salvation

but yet I feel

I feel ending of this epoch

” Can you still see?”

the cold voice echoed through my mind

oh, I could see

grotesque shapes of the world

“You created nature, now she is taking you into her own arms.”

Yes, I could sense her,

raged by our arrogance

she was putting us into endless slumber.

Thoughts now took wild vigor

listening repeating of the words

” You are nothing but a dead Goddess of the Night!”

Oh, how the irony can bring smile to the face

even my stone like

Now every piece was clear

shape became figure

He, holding me near


And I knew the end is here

but I felt no sorrow

but joy instead

and with my last breath I said it again

” He was right

I am nothing but a dead Goddess of Night”