He was sitting quietly, reconsidering all she could hear and sense from that human.

He frowned annoyed by the fact that most she could see in him was dread, and she was also so hurt, her tears were like knifes plunged deep into his being. Why?

Now that feeling was something new and interesting. She was nothing but a slave and in his existence he did have a lot of them. Now, why he felt so uneasy with her tears?

Using his mind power, he summoned the Keeper.

Victor felt tingling sensation crawling up his spine and neck, knocking into his skull. He knew what that was. Pureblood was summoning him and he was demanding.

He passed through wide, tall doors, closing them behind him and bowing slightly.

“My Lord?”

“Who is the slave?”- vampire asked in lazy manner.

Victor seemed confused by use of the words, but then he remembered. Humans were slaves when his family reigned.

“The human, is a friend, my Lord.”- Victor made sure, he accented human and friend.

Pureblood glanced at Victor, rather surprised.

“Friend? Vampires are friends with mortals?”

“My Lord, slavery is not something we want anymore. It is not considered civilized, so to speak.”

“I see…”-vampire returned to his wistful state. “I am guessing, I am just too old.” he added soft smile and then shifted between serious and wistful again. “Who is Luka?”

Victor’s stomach reacted with knot as he spelled out that name. His wound was just too fresh. Who he was? A fool, loyal to the bone fool. Arrogant asshole who thought Victor was the one betraying everything they worked for? Then, why wouldn’t he? Victor kept his mouth shut about plan, about everything, ashamed by the betrayal of his own Maker. He kept all from his best friend and his brother. And because he did that, he is dead.

He looked at pureblood and wanted to answer, but the vampire just nodded. He already had whole answer.

“I want to meet… human friend again”-he made sure he said it right this time and he made mental note that humans are not equal to slaves.

Victor opened the door and gestured to Helena to come to him. He whispered something into her ear and shut the door behind her.

She was just standing there, eyes locked at carpet. Working was very impressive, she had to notice. When shadow passed on that particular design, she looked up and she almost jumped. He was so near her again doing that thing with his eyes, hypnotizing her. She shook her head and walked beside him, standing behind him as far as she could. She didn’t want him to to that mind trick on her again.

“Do I scare you, human?”-he said softly, but she could sense demand in his voice. He asked and he demanded answer.

Oh well, now… if she was just scared of him. That was the understatement. She had chills and she was intimidated by his appearance and she felt a million other emotions all mixed in one huge stew. She thought she will just fall apart, and she was mad. Oh yes, she was so fucking mad, she thought she could scream and scream for hours. And the object of her anger stood in front of her asking her if she was scared.

She looked at him and then at floor again and shut her mouth tight.

“I asked you something, human?” Again that soft, demanding manner.

What the fuck he thinks he is?!

She looked at him, eyes full of anger. “Look, hotshot, I am glad that you are some kind of a vampire king or whatever, but I find rather insulting if you address me as human, as if I am some fragile glass thing that will break every moment into million pieces and shatter all over the floor. My name is Helena, so, if you, with all that wisdom of yours cannot remember one name, then start asking yourself a questions!” She finished spitting poison all over him and then she swallowed loudly.

What the fuck was she thinking?!

His eyes were burning, they radiated with rage. He just stood there stiffed, hands pressed tight on his thighs in fists. She thought he will became some supernova and blow up Earth itself. She stepped over the line big time and now she will be happy if she gets from that room alive.

At instant he rushed toward her, grabbing her neck and pinching her against the wall, breathing heavy. “How. Dare. You?” His voice was so low, she barely heard him, but she felt him and she felt him so well, every word drove deep into her mind, as she was fighting to breathe.

She grabbed his hand, trying to force him to loosen a grip a little and the moment she leaned her fingers on his hand, he retracted his hand as she burnt him. She felt down, her throat burning.

He crouched near her, taking her chin and pull it up. His look was so soft again, no trace of that demonic rage. She just stared at him.

“You are very brave…Helena.”- he smiled.

“You are not going to kill me?”-she asked as if she wanted the explanation of his sudden change.

“You would rather prefer if I did?”- he raised his brow.

That movement made her skip the heartbeat or two. He stuttered, not even she was sure what she said.

He smiled again and took her around her arm, pulling her up, so close to his body. Too close. She shivered feeling his shape against her own. She was pulling a invisible line across his body with her mind and he smiled again as if he knew what she was doing. Did he? Smile, now little wider. Oh fuck! He read her mind.

“I don’t read minds, Helena. That is not possible. I can sense some intense feelings.”- his voice became low and very hoarse. “And at this moment, you are like a book to me.” he leaned his face so close to hers, she could feel the warmth of his lips.

She closed her eyes, trying to take a breath and to gain control over herself. Control she lost a long ago. She opened her lids again and all she could find in his gaze, was lust and hunger. He was hungry for her and his eyes, were mirror for her own cravings…


When love dies…

“I will do it!”- Helena abruptly added.

All participants discussing who should go inside to watch over the most powerful vampire ever existed, were staring at her, confused.

“Sweetheart, it is just dangerous. He is old and…”- Katarina took her hands into hers and gazed at her, almost motherly. “… no one is sure how he will react on humans.”

Helena’s focused her gaze in front of her, to the table, finding that wood line particularity interesting, feeling as she would just burst into tears again if she look Katarina. She couldn’t cry anymore, she was tired and numb. Luka has gone and that is that.

“It is ok, I have you guys here.”- her voice was a shadow of what she was before. Weak, and exhausted.

She just stood up and walked to the massive door placing her hand on the handle when she heard Katarina’s concern again.

“I have to do this Kat.”- she added calmly, but firmly  and she disappeared through the doors.

Her thoughts were a long distance from the place she was to. She remembered Luka’s smile and his jokes, his flirtation with everybody. She remembered his joyful blue eyes. She loved him and she never told him a word.

Something was wrong. A sofa in front of her looked somehow much smaller then she thought it should be. As if it missed some part.

“Shiiiiiiiit!”-she cursed through her teeth.

Just as she wanted to turn around and to try to find the most scariest creature of all times, she heard soft voice behind her back.

“I love the fire in your hair.”

It has some strange accent, so soft, as if silk was caressing her ears.

She turned around surprised of the fact that she didn’t see him and then, she just jumped when she saw how exactly he was looking like.

His hair was long, silver, his eyes were red and not that fake-lenses-red, but the most beautiful tones of red color as they were one organism for itself. On anyone else that would be monstrous, but with his perfect straight nose and his firm strong jaw line, rectangle face shape, it was something the most beautiful she has even seen.

And he was almost a head taller then she was, so even that was perfect.

For the love of God, she was taking his measures!

“You must be Helena?” -he asked with a soft smile.

“Y..yes I am.” -she answered still hypnotized by his godlike looks, then she cleared her throat and added with determination in her voice, or at least she hoped to sounds like that.- “And, why are you out of your resting place? It is crucial… for you… to… rest and…”

She noticed he was only few inches away from her face, striping away any remaining determination she has. Damn he erased any determination she has ever had. And she could be some stiff pain in the ass.

“Your smell is… overwhelming.”- he almost whispered moving locks of her hair with his breath.

“Ditta… Von… Teese”-she was caught again into his hypnotizing snare.

Everything screamed inside of her. She wanted him, it, or whatever he was, so bad, she barely could breathe. Her heart start drumming like mad inside of her chest, she thought it will jump out. Then…

She saw big fangs, strong, protruding from his mouth. His eyes were still locked on hers, still holding her in hypnosis.

His hand slowly traveled over her chin, moving it to aside, revealing her neck to him.

Connection broke and she knew it was so stupid for her to ever consider entering here.

She was desperate and weak. And such an idiot by thinking that something like this can have any emotion or anything that could, even slightly, remind of human.

But, hey… She asked this, right?! She asked for death.

Tears start rolling down her cheek and all she could think of, was Luka and how she was going to see him fast…

He moved away from her neck and looked at her. She could swear she saw his confusion or as if he was hurt or offended or something like that. All that was in hes eyes, but she wasn’t sure, what exactly.

“I will rest now, Helena. Thank you for checking up on me.”-he said gently and gestured her toward doors through which she came in his chamber.

…To be continued…

Victorious defeat

There was something in him, something that always drove her little bit closer. Was she feeling a rage? Yes, she did. She was hurt, afraid, guilty and he was reason for it. He abandoned her when she needed him the most and she failed a lot in her life cause of that.

But then all that rage, would transform into pure adoration when she was looking at him. Not willingly, of course, but as little demon, ordering her to forget the only reasonable feeling she had for him and that was hate.

His eyes… His illuminating green eyes, toxic, piercing… Only one gaze is enough to steer your skin, muscles and bones away and strip naked your soul. She knew, although she was afraid, she knew she was his from the moment she saw those eyes.

He moved with cats precision, muscles firmly tensed, delicately defined, threatening as he could sprung every moment toward his pray and his pray was her. His gaze unyielding, his cheek bones  gently highlighted just to give his eyes even viscous look, jaw bone firm and delicate, his face perfectly aristocratic and lips… Lips made for kissing, lips that screamed lust.

His fingers moved slowly over her chin, her neck, her collar bone, leaving fire trail on her skin and she gasped. His lip curled back into a satisfied smile and he continued moving lower. Finger found place between her breasts and rounded their shape, moving even lower while exploring every depth of her being with his gaze. She closed her eyes, forcing consciousness to stay. Her knees were weak as if she was just a mortal teenage girl. He knew it perfectly, he saw it, he could sense everything about her, so he moved his hand across her belly toward her hip and jerked her gently toward him. He was her pillar, and he made sure she knows it. The other hand he moved across her inner thigh, making her gasp once more and her heart to start hammering in her chest, another smile on his lips and then that demanding hunger prowl out from her body as he found her aching sex. He palmed it and slowly rubbed it, placing finger on her core.

She yanked her head backwards as if that will make her breath clearly. It was illusion. Her breaths were locked inside her lungs and the only way she could release them was with gasp and moan.

He erection was pressing against her belly, strong and ready to conquer her inside.

She was ready to yield to him.

Within a blink of an eye, he took her in his arms and placed her legs around his hips, forcing her against the wall. His erection pressed hard against her wet sex and she moaned once more. She was losing control and she was searching for his lips trying to regain a bit of it and then she saw his drunk desire, his burning lust.

Demanding, and complete.

He tossed her on the bed as if she was nothing but a rugged doll and lied his long body across hers, ripping her blouse, cutting into gentle lace of her bra and finally taking what he wanted. Her nipples were rigid in his mouth and as he sucked them, she arched her back, making her breast protrude more toward his hungry tongue.

Her nails ripped his skin on his back and a low growl ripped away from his lungs. She was exactly where she wanted him now. She hurried her hand toward his pants button, just so he could grab them and move it away.

“Tonight you are mine the way I want it.”-he said with husky voiced, mixed with a growl.

He was her hunter and she his pray.

She released her a pressure of his body just so she could turn her on her abdomen and press his erection hard between her butt cheeks. She moaned loudly, biting the sheet below her. He found her neck and bit into it, making whole her world to crush into one burning thirst.

He yanked away her pants, destroying them just as he did with the blouse along with her panties. She heard him unzipping his pants and then…

Bliss. Dark. Lust. Fire. Damnation.

She saw hunger in his eyes, but she wasn’t expecting this much. He thrust deep inside of her, wetness, making her almost come that instant. She ached her hips more toward him, but he pushed her back with his hand and the shove his cock even deeper.

He placed his left hand on her neck, hoisting her face of the sheets and leaning his cheek on hers, while ravishing her, making her muscles to constrict sending waves of climax all over her. Her throbbing sex encased his, making him release his load deep inside of her with yet another growl.

She was his, completely.

They were lying down still long after their orgasm in silence, only sensing each other relaxing.

He needed her, he needed her desperately and there was no coming back now.

Perfect punishment

She felt gentle, smooth touch, moving across her lips, making her to slightly open them… blind and bound to a will of her Master all she had, all that she could feel was just immense amount of warmth, desire, urge to belong to him, fully and without any restriction… She knew she made mistake before… she disappointed him. No pain could make her feel more punished then this… This soft touch… so sensual, so overwhelming. This was her punishment.. she got something she didn’t deserve, guilty by all means. Her lip stretched a little into a smile, as his finger was still on it, but again it was mistake… rough grip upon her jaw, and cold word: “ Don’t! “ Another omen of her punishment. Now she was sure, this was a teaser. He was playing with his pray. Waiting for another mistake, making her to relax and breathe calmly so he would strike. Her heart start drumming like crazy, she felt fear and joy. She knew what was next… she knew him too well and she knew his ruthless nature. That line of his, make her give herself to him, that cruel nature, that coldness in his voice when she was about to receive punishment and such love and appreciation after it. She was his Goddess and his Slave. And he… he was her Universe. Fingers start to move across her skin, again smoothly, slowly, just so she couldn’t feel them anymore. His touch disappeared and another current of fear strike her, mixing with solitude… she couldn’t stand that feeling, not to be touched by him. It lasted for eons and solitude grew like a cancer in her stomach. Then burning pain on her back, and another and another. Her happiness showed again… He never left her, he was there all the time, enjoying in the view of his pray… another one, harder… She could feel his anger in every strike he bestow upon her. She grimaced now, but in her body warm feeling of joy spread again, killing that sorrow she felt before. Yes, she knew she deserved it and she loved it, she loved to belong to him. Touch, as a napalm on her sensitive skin, but it was the same touch as she felt on her lips… grip, and squeeze, another glimpse of anger… Her being could scream but all she said was silent, obedient: “Thank you Master.” She heard him smirking, like a little gasp of air broke away from his throat as he slowly start moving his hand again over her back toward her neck and head. Pull was so hard, she could feel tears in her eyes, and then she felt violent thrust of fingers into her already wet sex… Evidence of her demise, her urge, her uncontrollable desire. Another smirk and another pull, harder thrust… He knew he could make her cum like this, so well. Moan was hard as second time he pierced her, it was almost close to scream and he just stopped abruptly. She felt his breath so close to her ear and he whispered, seductively, dangerously: “ Who told you to make a sound? ” Another thrust , deep, rough and she just bit her lip, locking moan in her throat. He paused, waiting for apology… Her voice was weak, but yet she managed to say it clear enough: “I am sorry Master.“ Weakness in her voice made him smile. It wasn’t the simple words that he wanted to hear, it was her feeling of guilt by disappointing him, her honesty, her fragile breath… that was what he wanted to see, what he cherished most of all. He took off her blindness allowing her eyes to enjoy in light again and cupped her chin moving her head toward him. He wanted to see her and she knew it. She opened her eyes slowly gazing into him. That capturing dark pools that his eyes represented, demanding, soft and merciless at same time. Her favorite picture. If she could only stop the time so she can enjoy in this moment forever… Another thrust, and another, he continue piercing her deep, hard, fast. She bit her lips again, making grimace, trying not to make mistake again. Her body screamed, her muscles constricted… another and another. She closed her eyes for a second, trying to focus not to lose control over her voice, but he noticed it and reacted fast as viper, shaking her chin, making her to open them again. She needed to lock her eyes upon his gaze. And yes, she knew this was another punishment. Fingers moved violently in and out, building her orgasm so fast, so strong. He will not deny her this and she knew it. Another strange way to show her punishment and she understood it well… Everything hers belonged to him, her body, her soul, her pleasure, all. She constricted again as he enjoyed gazing upon her look of pure lust. He knew too well she is close as he could almost feel her first wave so he pounded in her hard again, releasing flood of pleasure, feeling strong pulsations against his fingers as her core was fighting him. He saw her fight, how strong she was struggling not to disobey order she got and all he could feel was joy. His perfect slave… She grimaced again, as he noticed pleasure overwhelming her, making her to rock her hips against his fingers inside, that now stood calmly in her… He pushed her and now he enjoyed the show, perfect theater of lust, her dance she performed only for him. Waves after waves built in her, making her breath coarse, heavy just so it can be replaced with fast one. She wanted to say something, she wanted to thank him, to tell him how much she loves him, how much she wants him, but all words just reflected in her eyes as she locked them deep inside. He knew all, he didn’t need the words. He took fingers out as pulsation stopped and her body felt relaxed, sweaty… And he just leaned them upon her half opened mouth, touch the outside and inside of her lips again gently and she moved her tongue to lick her sweet liquid, token of his victory. He just leaned his lips on hers, kissing her softly, but deeply, impregnating her with his soul and all feelings he had for her… all in that one kiss.


Lora’s demice

Night breeze carried heavy scent within , mixed with odor of alcohol and soaked blood.

Lora’s head calmly resting in my lap. She was lazy curling a lock of my hair, just being silent, when suddenly, words rolled over her tongue- “I fucked him, you know… And for the first time, I actually liked it. His cock, was huge and I thought he would rip me apart, but I enjoyed in that pain. He trust his enormous dick in me and I drank his blood at same time, I drank him dry. Poor man, he came into me, while dying.”

Then she glanced at me, as if she was measuring my reaction. She knew how I felt when she was talking how she fucked someone. Burning jealousy rose up in my chest, my eyes flared with anger, as she said and that was something that turned her on. Her sex was dripping wet, that instant, by just watching look upon my face, she liked to describe me.

She was a succubus, my demoness, torturing me in every way she could.

“I want you to fuck me as he did. Will you?” – she asked almost innocently.

“I don’t have enormous cock, Lora”- I replayed, calmly, almost cold, as if we were talking about weather.

“But you can have one.”-she answered joyfully and stood up, leaving living room.

Few seconds passed when she came, holding something in her hand that so reminded of a male sex, stitched on belts. What, in a world, was that?!

She laughed at my confusion and sat next to me giving away the name of it. Then she handled it to me to feel it. That… thing, was something very interesting and so strange at same time. I admit it, I haven’t even know how to use it. But then she was so nice to show it to me.

She undressed me, slowly, licking my lips, making me holding my breath and then she moved toward my chin and my neck, every kiss and lick, was like a sting between my legs. She went on her knees, so seductively, caressing my inner thighs, while moving her hands slowly toward my sex. It was aching, lips already swollen, wet. Her lips moved, opening nonchalantly as her fingers reached my painful lips.

There was no control on me anymore and I couldn’t act cold anymore. She had me again, conquering my body, my actions and my soul. I was her puppet once again and her, my merciless puppeteer.

She stood up, still holding her fingers on my throbbing sex and then she just slid them into it, and I swallowed her eagerly, sucking up the air. With other hand she just took –strap on- , as  she called it, and fixed it around my waist.

She continue playing with me, till I climaxed, almost losing steady ground below my feet and then again she was on her knees, grabbing the tip of artificial phallus and started swallowing it, till it had lost deep in her wanting mouth. I heard her gag on it, but she continued as nothing happened. She gagged again and tear rolled slowly over her cheek. I didn’t know what I was doing, but that tear made me burn with desire. I wanted her to cry, so hard. So, I grabbed her hair and pushed her deeper onto fake cock, just to see more tears, rolling. She cough, choking on it, so I let her take a breath, just so I can push her again. She gagged again and I cut her a free, observing her lips, moisturized by salty tears.

In a blink of an eye, I lift her up and with agility of an immortal, I led her across the room, pushing her hard against the wall, forcing her to face it.

She was my slut, and she deserved to be treated as one. She loved it and I loved her.

I pressed cock against her thigh as I caressed her swollen sex and just measuring the temperature and humidity of it. And it was so hot and wet, it made me hissed and she moaned, arching her hips more, trying to reach more of my fingers.

Tonight, it was my way to torture her and I pushed her even harder against the wall, grabbing her wrists with my right hand and holding, roughly, my left hand on her throat.

My voice was hoarse, heavy of lust as I whispered in her ears- “Tonight, you will feel pain and tonight, no mercy will be shown to you.”

Then I moved hand that, few seconds ago was on her throat, toward her wet sex again, collecting her humidity and transferring it to her anus, making it softer and more flexible for acceptance of a tick and wide fake cock she presented to me. I didn’t want to give her a pleasure of fingering her first and I just trust it in her anus. She screamed with pain and pleasure, and arched her hips again against phallus. I grabbed her again upon her throat and hissed in her ear- “Don’t you dare to move!”

She was disobedient, of course, as she loved playing with me, so I took it out just so I could pierce her once again, this time harder, deep to it’s end. She swallowed it completely, yearning for more, moaning and growling. I trust it again, and again, ravishing her. I wanted her to scream to beg me to stop. I was mad, completely lost, as I was pressing her hands on the wall and pulled her soft hair violently. Blindness of pure animalistic rage took over me, as I pounded into her roughly, only hearing her loud moans elevating to its climax. I wanted her to explode, forgetting she ever had a need to fuck any man, forgetting that huge cock that was devastating her. I wanted her to always engrave in her mind this evening and what ~devastating~ was. In that primal need, demonic thirst cut through my chest and I sank my sharp fangs into her neck, releasing small stream of hot, red liquid into my mouth listening her explode, screaming for mercy.

I continue fucking her even when she climaxed till I quenched my thirst. Only then, I took artificial cock out of her anus and listened her breathing heavy, in same rhythm as I did. I could swear I saw tears on her cheeks, but I didn’t care, for she was my progeny of ruthlessness and selfishness. She was my whore, asking for every pain she felt, my demoness. She was the essence of my existence. My beloved Lora…

Lady of the night (transformation)

Time has stopped. Every motion froze that instant, breath, wind in her hair. And then, she opened her eyes. Cold as deep ocean. Eyes of newborn, eager, yearning for what she was that moment. Yearning for death.

There was something more in her gaze. Laying down, deep within her. It drove terror into my heart. I saw young girl, beaten up with sorrow by losing everything she had, just there in one night. So easily, her life meant nothing to anyone. I saw toxic green eyes, eyes of the monster, lurking from the dark and then I saw nothing anymore. Only darkness, deep oblivion.

Tear start rolling from my cheek even before I was aware of it and it felt on hers, cuddling softly her silky skin. She just lie down, scanning me, without any sound. Now, she was my comfort after nights and nights of me being hers. I just felt soft touch of her cold fingers, entangling with mine. She straighten up, taking my face into her palm and suddenly she placed gently kiss upon my lips, so gently, I though her lips will melt on mine and whispered seductive:

“I am thirsty Katarina, show me how…”

Then she placed another kiss upon my lips and encouraged me to stand up.

Few corners away she quenched her thirst, so violently, every sip was a remarkable testimony of what she was, every sip carried destruction. What was so demonic in her, she fired up center of my body when she turned toward me, showing me to join her?! At that instant I was beside her, ripping the flesh of our unlucky victim and discovering fresh blood vessel, pumping its nectar deep into my throat. Was I drunk? Yes, completely, but not of a blood, I was drunk because I had her beside me, watching me, wanting more, wanting me.

I stood away and gestured to her to continue, but she just shook her head and smiled on me taking me in her arms.

Body hit the floor as she rapidly drove her hand between my legs, just to make an explosion inside of me. She harshly slid fingers inside of me, provoking me to hiss and moan at same time.

She continued to do so, faster and faster, and every single piece of my being was crashed, just to be whole again. It was sweet agony followed with my groans and her moans, caught up in perfect harmony.  I climaxed so fast, almost screaming and just in that moment I felt her young fangs deep in my neck. My body was hers now and as a puppet on strings, I grabbed her head, forcing her to go even deeper into my flesh and her hand forcing her to going even deeper into my wetness. Scream ripped away from my throat, full of lust, pure primal energy. I was alien on this Earth, something different, just as my beautiful lover, standing in front of me, looking at me with her dark eyes, full of mysteries and that little demon, yet not fully comprehended by my mind.


Lady of the night (beginning)

Wild beyond any understanding. Beautiful, tough and at same time so fragile, destroyed by her own pain was she. I could hear her screaming sometimes. It was painful to listen. It could suck out all happiness from your being, every single drop of sanity. And then, her wet face, smiling upon you, full of life and death. She was a sorrow itself. Majestic in her own existence.

I do remember the look upon her face. I saw acknowledgment of betrayal. Her disgust and dread. Oh, how wonderful creature was she. My child, lover, true statue of selfishness.

She choked, only I wasn’t sure on what. Her tears, or blood flowing into her ripped throat. I’ve could be more gentle, but I wasn’t. It would  only destroy everything she was. And she was pure suffering. I honored her by violence, cause she was that. Violent!

Oh how her heart was drumming! Every beat merged with every fiber of my body in perfect melody. Two passionate lovers. It aroused me madly, it brought me nearly to the edge of sanity. I was mad actually, I was Death in her own worst shape. I climaxed as her heart stopped and a growl, so loud, ripped away from my mouth.

Nothing nice or subtle, was in her transformation.

Right there, on the street where I would pay for her services, my beautiful Lady of the night, she was lying with her throat opened, still bleeding a bit, stinking of death and sickness, but I knew that soon, she will be mine whole…

Deep ties


You wonder what can I see, gazing deep into your eyes? Curiosity, so restless inside of you intriguing, arousing … Hear a whisper cuddling your senses, close your eyes and feel … One simple soft strike in the middle of your being, awaking the tornado in depths of it, reaching out for the throne of whole pleasure, mixing the tastes of lust, passion and satisfaction. Cutting slowly your breath away as you can feel small movements in your cock, so small, they can skip the eye, but so intense they are sending waves of chill upon your spine, forcing you to grab armrest with your hands almost unconsciously. Still you are the master of your own body, still you are able to reach toward reason and calm it, successfully struggling with the forces that are eager to take over …

Your breathing calm, with only, but few, unwilling pauses caused by hot current of the air coming from my whispers. You feel my lips opening slowly, almost lazy, lightly touching your earlobe, sending another strike into your cock. Now movements become more intense, grip harder, images start to roll into your mind … What can you see now, I wonder? By the grimace you made, unaware of it, my glance found your arousal, hard and complete. I could swear I saw pulsation of it. I could swear I heard blood running fast through the pipe, almost boiling, making mess in your whole being, your head, playing with your brain.

Master of your own body … Illusion.

Harder grip, now frantically holding upon the only safe spot, trying to bring your body into harmony again. Body, taken by sweet chaos. Tightening the jaw as my hand slowly moved from your chin over your neck, making it’s way toward that painful spot. Sign of relief and uncertainty showed on your face by another grimace. Every movement of my hand closer to your aroused cock, locked breath inside of your lungs. It lasted for centuries and just before you could feel the touch on it, you stop breathing. What a marvelous feeling! You held your breath up, for so long; my fingers, standing in the air, my eyes locked upon your face. Anticipation was a torture, fiery agony, just so you could feel finger on swollen tip of it, sliding slowly, circulating around it.

Gasp… so intense, sent current of pleasure through my body, instantly making me wet, swollen lips start to ache, screaming for your hard cock. Not yet, not now … Finger slid over the tip, following the curve of pulsating body, every inch finger passed, your cock reacted in perfect dance … Air, you were struggling for the air. Erupting pleasure was choking you, but you enjoyed in it. There was no pain upon your face, but pure satisfaction. Only one image was there … You wanted to get rid of that agony, so bad, it was screaming from you. You wanted to feel my wetness, taste it, thrust deep into it, so simple, liberating, no thoughts, only one cause. You feel it? Calling for you, ready to surrender to your grasp. So eager, those signals drum in your mind, so loud, as your gasps turn to silent groans.

Grip on your hardness so tight, pressing blood down and up, making yet another grimace. Stroke down and once again picture reawakens: harder grasp, harder thrust, deep. Awaking wild power inside of you, no feeling, maybe even frightening thought, embarrassing, but it was there, so clear… You wanted me to pay for the torture. Your thoughts embraced only two things: pain and pleasure. By every stroke, your cum was building inside of you, your balls were so heavy and…

Another thrust, my moan, filled with agony, wanting, begging for another.

You caught a groan locking it in your lungs, perfect preparation for explosion.

Deeper thrust, piercing every fiber of my body, making me scream, grabbing hard your skin, ripping it, forcing you harder inside, as more as it can get. Uncontrolled desire, madness… Scream again mixed with your groan, as you released your load with immense power. Your muscles constricted with perfect order, prolonging orgasm… and then relaxed.

Grip fell, and you saw my smile from above and you knew I saw it all.

Give in part 2

I was so anxious to see what was next he would do. Every inch of my body literally trembled. I thought it was only orgasm building so furiously inside of me, but it was much more then just a simple orgasm. I knew him, I knew exactly what he was capable of. He enjoyed torturing me. And all with that nonchalant smile on his face. I hated it!

Waiting for punishment is much frightening  then receiving one.

I was a mess. I admit it. All I wanted in that chaos was, for him to move his hand a little up and let me cum. Damn I needed it so much, just to relax my body and to prepare it for physical punishment. After all, he would never let me be so sensitive and then punish me. Would he?! Dread! Knowledge of what can actually happen, drove a dread deep into my heart, stabbing it as it was a nothing more then a rug doll.

It was exactly what he was planning to do.

I wanted to scream, to beg for forgiveness. To show how good I would be. The best! Just please don’t do it!

I screamed in panic, every word perfectly formed in my mind, but my mouth were shut. I couldn’t remember any real sound that could shape a sentence.

He stood in front of me, cupping my chin and looking deep into my eyes. His gaze was something that could kill you at instant and something that could hypnotize you to forget every worry you had. What did he see? He smiled and this time, he smiled satisfied. Without a word, he pressed a kiss upon my lips and released me from the ropes.

Oh God! Please, just please…

Please what? I wanted to say something. “Please save me”, “Please make me endure”… Please what? I asked for it, I asked for it cause I love playing with fire and I love to feel his wrath, so now, what was I asking for exactly?

He helped me stand up and by “helping” I mean he grabbed my hair and pulled me up. Standing behind me, he pressed me rough against his own body and I could feel his arousal. I could swear I heard his breath jumped as I hit it with my behind. Instantly, I just moved my hips even more toward his erection and I heard his breath jumping again.

For the love of God, I wanted it so fucking bad. I wanted him to ravish me. But… All I got was a strong grip upon my neck, so strong that my eyes start tearing that instant and I was fighting for the air. He hissed through his teeth to stay calm and damn, he was mad. Then I remembered why I was in this cellar. I moved…

I froze immediately still fighting for my air, when suddenly he let me go and moved away from me. I was confused, but first I was coughing as if I smoked 10 cigarettes at once. What now? He was still there looking at me, scanning me. I felt his gaze on my body, piercing me with it. “Don’t move!” echoed in my mind. Yes, that’s it… do it girl, you can do it. Just stay calm and don’t move. No matter what happens, just stay put.

Something tore up the space between two of us and I knew exactly what it was. I wanted to puke that instant. I felt it on my skin once and it almost ripped it away. Pain was unbearable and I cried so much it turned into screams.

He winded it up again, just to make sure if I heard it well. Nothing worst then feeling of a tip of a long whip against your skin.

I heard it so well and I start crying. I cried like everything good in the world just disappeared, but I stayed in that exact spot where I was.

I could drop down on my knees and howl for forgiveness, beg for mercy. I could, but I stood right there, calm, crying, waiting for the greatest pain in my life.

He took a stance, he made sure I knew what he was doing. He dragged his feet over the floor and then… I closed my eyes and I felt everything burning inside of me. Every, molecule of my being. But the tip was not on my skin?! I felt the punch of air as he wind it up near me. And then, a moment of realization came to me.

I sobbed so loud, I shivered, trembled.

Then I felt softness on my waist. His hand, so warm, comforting. He hugged me and he kept me for whole eternity as it seemed. No worry could come to me. He was waiting for me to calm down and then whispered gently:

“In the greatest fear, you shackled yourself to my order and you held it as it was the only thing you can trust at a moment. You, gave in. So majestic and free, you, my sweet one, GAVE IN.”